Semantechs Consulting Ltd

Giving Meaning To Data

Semantechs Consulting Ltd. - a boutique consulting company. We specialise in information processing, description and enrichment. We apply modern methods to represent information, such W3C standards such as RDF, JSON/LD and XML. We have the skills to help you with work on ontology,taxonomy and vocabulary creation and management, Knowledge Graphs and Linked Data, Open Data and data integration, all either using Open Source software or else whatever your company wants to use.

Semantic Web Technologies

We can help you provide meaning to the information you publish by using Semantic Web Technologies such as RDF and XML as standardised by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). With expertise in developing and using ontologies and taxonomies, building Linked Data applications and Knowledge Graphs, we can enable computers as well as people to integrate, manipulate and reason over your information assets.

We have expertise in the native XML databases and RDF triplestores for storing and managing your information and in preparing and managing analysis and publication pipelines.




When editing RDF in turtle it is sometimes challenging to see the underlying model that you are developing. This web page has an editing pane and a visualisation pane. Please feel free to use it.

Mermaid Editor is useful for Gantt and other types of chart.

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